Homes Board Members


  • Chair: Mr. Leland Hutchinson
  • President and CEO: Mr. Todd F. Swortzel  
  • Secretary: Ms. Paula Noble
  • Treasurer: Mr. J. Marshall Peck

Elected Directors

  • Ms. Fran Carroll
  • Mr. Charles Denison
  • Mr. Mark Dennis, Jr.
  • Mr. George T. Drost
  • Ms. Monica Heenan 
  • Mr. Gregory W. Hummel
  • Mr. Leland E. Hutchinson
  • Rev. Michael Kirby
  • Mr. Dennis R. Marx 
  • Mr. E. Dennis Murphy
  • Ms. Elizabeth Nichols
  • Ms. Paula Noble
  • Mr. J. Marshall Peck  
  • Mr. Harlan F. Stanley
  • Mr .Mark F. Toledo
  • Ms. Jane Western


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